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What we need to set up your site

All the websites will adopt the same design, unless you would like it to be altered that can be done at cost.

You'll need to send us:

1. Logo, if we can’t source it from your website.

Visual format: Horizontal version with a white background.

Preferred file Formats: Jpg,  gif or png. 
We can even work with an eps or pdf but please no Word documents.

2. About and Contact information

ABOUT: A short intro about what your company does for it's clients.

CONTACT:  First point of contact

Required: Email

Optional: Name, postal and street address. 

3. Starting Blog post.

4. Name and email of main admin person

5. An image, if you wish to replace the standard home page image.

Size Approximately: 1400 x 250  @ 72 dpi,    Format: jpg, gif or png

6. Google Analytics number

How to get a Google Analytics Tracking number:

7. AddThis code.

What and how:

8. Social media links. 

 Go to your social media page. Copy the url at the top of your browser.

9. Widgets for social and newsletters


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